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Hello! I'm Ashlee


Ashlee B. Daniels is a doctoral candidate at Prairie View A&M University studying to receive her degree in Educational Leadership. Her research focuses on how to best accommodate Black women in higher education through the lens of Edenism, a conceptual framework that she created as a solution for best critical thinking teaching practices and strategies for students of color in higher education. Ashlee is currently working with Dr. Fred Bonner, Endowed Chair and Director of the MACH III Center at Prairie View A&M University, and Dr. Tony Talbert, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Baylor University, on various research agendas to expand and refine her research. Ashlee’s research interests include the effects of diversity on Black women in inequitable college spaces, Black female resiliency, policy and curricular implementation for postsecondary students of color, and the articulation and manifestation of critical thinking skills by students of color at diverse institutions in higher education.


Ashlee B. Daniels

Prairie View A&M University, Educational Leadership, Doctoral Candidate





Lecturer I


Prairie View A&M University

ENGL 1301

ENGL 1302

HUMA 1303


Graduate Fellow


Trellis Foundation

Grant Writing Assistant/Research Assistant


ELA Teacher 9-12


Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District

9th Grade English/Language Arts and Literature 

10th Grade Reading Intervention


11th Grade Practical Writing (STAAR Review)

12th Grade Practical Writing (STAAR Review) 


Ph.D. Educational Leadership


Prairie View A&M University

Expected Spring 2023

Related Coursework: Qualitative Research and Design Analysis, Quantitative Research, Educational Statistics, Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Management, Educational Research and Evaluation, Higher Ed Policy and Analysis, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, Higher Education Policy and Analysis, Assessing Higher Education Environments, Higher Education Administration, Advanced Qualitative Research, Special Topics in Statistics.


M.A. English


Texas Southern University

Portfolio: The Analytical Research of the Female/Male Psyche’s Effect of Social Evils and the Spiritual Transition of the African American Identity as a Result of Exile from the Promised Land  



B.A. English


Texas Southern University

Minor: African American Studies


American Educational Research Association (AERA)-April 2022Paper Presentation"Respect the Hustle: How to Accommodate Black Female Graduate Students Through Their Doctoral Journey"

CARE CONFERENCE- March2020 Poster

“Paradoxical Spaces: How to Best Accommodate Black Women in Higher Education” 


AABHE Conference- March 2021


"A Theoretical Approach on How to Best

Accommodate Women of Color in Diverse Environments"

HICE Hawaii Conference 2021- Paper Presentation

"A Self-Help Manual of How Millennial Black Women Survive College" 


HICE Hawaii Conference-January 2021 Paper Presentation

“Coming Full Circle: How to Best Accommodate Black Female Students in Higher Education”


Faculty Development Networking Conference October 2020 Presentation

"This is a Man's World: The Burden of Black Female Leader's Intuition" 



"What It Is and What It Ain't: The Truth of Black Female Empowerment and Self-Resiliency


43rd National Black Studies Conference- March 2019 Panelist 

“Spiritual Transition of the African American Identity as a Result of Exile from the Promised Land” 

Daniels, A. (2021)."Respect the Hustle: A Conceptual Framework of How to Best Accommodate Black Female Graduate Students Through Their Doctoral Journey". Accepted for Publication. Journal of Negro Education.
Daniels, A. (28, Jaunuary 2021). It's Time to Get Real: What I Learned as a Professor During the Pandemic: Opinion, Trellis Foundation.
Daniels, A. (27, August 2018). For Black Boys And Girls With Absent Fathers, The Pain Is The Same, But Here’s Why The Support Isn’t: Opinion, Blavity.
Ekpe, L., Daniels, A. (2022). Whitewashed History: Examining the Effects of Visual Artifacts on a College Campus. Submitted for Publication. Humanities and Social Sciences Online.
Daniels, A. (1, September 2021). The Gladiator VS. Doctoral Programs: Opinion, Trellis Foundation.
Daniels, A. (22, August 2018). How A Facebook Post Helped Me Think Differently About Our Opinions of Blackness As Black People: Opinion, Blavity.
Daniels, A. (06, December 2018). Sharing Our Wins On Social Media Is Lit, But Sharing Our Losses Is Real: Opinion, Blavity.
Daniels, A. (15, April 2021). Self-Help Recommendations on How Millennial Women of Color Survive College: Opinion, Diversity Issues in Higher Education.
Daniels, A. (07, December 2018). 3 Thinks I Learned To Let Go Of To Let Love In: Opinion, Blavity.


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (2019-Present)

Order of the Eastern Stars (2015-Present)
American Education Research Association (2022-Present)
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